A couple days after Versailles, I went with Brian, Eric, Charles and Jennifer to Ireland. We first saw Galway. The water here was so bad that they told people not to even use it for brushing teeth. Yikes!


This was a nice town. It was here where I learned that Ireland has two languages: English and “Irish”, which is modern-day Gaelic. Everyone uses English, but many road signs are in both languages.

After a night in Galway, we returned to Dublin the next day.


A pedestrian bridge stretches over the river in Dublin. Bright colourful buildings dot the street beside the river.


The Temple Bar is visible in the centre. The city core is quite compact and it was easy to walk to everything.


I toured the Guinness brewery as well as the Jameson Whiskey factory. In this big tank here, you can see the barley or something. I’m not sure what it is anymore.


Me standing next to the bay on the way to a castle outside town.


One of the castles outside Dublin. We toured all through it, although I wish they had more of the castle actually open for a tour.


The view from the window of the hostel where we stayed for 3 nights. The Noisy Express rolled by every few minutes just outside the window, which made sleeping a bit difficult at first, but it was hilarious to see trains so close.

That’s all I have time to say about Ireland. All my other photos are now in my Gallery. In my next post, Salzburg, Austria and Grassau, Germany!


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