Salzburg, Austria

After Dublin, I went to Salzburg, Austria separately from the others. I arrived at the airport, having no clue how to get from there to my hostel. Thankfully, it was very easy to just take the first bus that came to the city centre to the train station, from where I had printed directions to take me to the hostel.


I actually had less than 24 hours in this city, as my family was coming from nearby Germany to pick me up. For whatever reason, Ryanair does not fly to small towns with populations of 4000, so this is as close as I could get.


Pronouncing this sign is seemingly a piece of cake, until you get to that strange B-shaped symbol thingy. Apparently, it stands for a double s. Luckily for me, it was a very nice in Salzburg, and the scenery and architecture is very beautiful.


Vast gardens can be found in the city centre.


Inside the garden, you can find this tunnel which I liked, and walked through a few times when going between my hostel and the sights to see.


Colourful European architecture hugs the mountain side. Street car wires are visible overhead.


The Birthplace of Mozart.


Inside the birthplace of Mozart, you can find various artifacts on the walls.


The fortress sits on top of the hill. This was actually my second time here in my life. I was here with my family when I was 5, although I don’t remember anything from it.


This part of the fortress is very carefully decorated.


Visible from the fortress is where the executioner’s house used to be. No other houses are nearby, as it always perceived to be bad luck to live near the executioner.

At around 5 PM, my cousin Simone and her friend came to pick me up. They both speak English to me, and Simone especially would act as my translator to family members once in Germany. Picking me up is the first time she spoke English since having visited us in Canada.

That’s all for now for Salzburg. In my next post, visiting the family in Grassau, Germany.


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