Moving to Calgary

As many who know me are already aware, I am moving to Calgary in a few days to pursue my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Calgary. You may recall my posts a few months ago about my trip to Alberta to tour the campus.

The campus land’s footprint isn’t extremely huge, but the buildings, most of them high rises, are much larger than at either UNB campus. I decided that I wanted to pursue my Masters at another school because I’m ready for a change and a new experience.

The UofC campus seems nice enough. With over 25,000 students, the university has many services and amenities to offer.

Due to my somewhat late application, I was not able to obtain a spot in residence. Years of explosive growth in Calgary have apparently left the UofC with a less residence space to student ratio than other universities.

So, I am going to be a renting a 2 bedroom basement apartment (or suite as they tend to be called in Calgary) not far away from campus. Presently, I don’t have a roommate, but I could have one in the future if I want.

As you can see, it’s a nice place! It’s not furnished, though there is a bit of furniture the landlord is graciously supplying anyway. These pictures were taken by the landlord, not me.

Here is another room. It looks very clean and freshly done over. Although a 2-bedroom is more space than I need, it’s an added benefit since there was some 1-bedroom suites closer to campus for the same price, in tall high rises that would require elevator access!

As you can imagine, pretty much everything is about to change for me within the next week. On Friday, I’ll be leaving my position with Innovatia, where I have been employed since summer 2003. On Saturday, I fly out to Calgary.

Stay tuned, as I hope to post more updates in the next few days and weeks.

One thought on “Moving to Calgary”

  1. Hey Paul,

    The apartment look great and I imagine you’ll have plenty of changes and positive experiences in Calgary.

    Have a safe trip and keep on Bloggin.


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