First week in Calgary

A week ago today, I arrived in my new home, embarking on a new adventure.

Life so far in Western Canada has its differences from New Brunswick. I took this picture at the airport before leaving since it would be several months before I’d see this flag outside again.

The flight was uneventful, which is a good thing when flying for sure! My supervisor at school, Ehud, met me at the airport and helped me carry my luggage to his van outside. Considering this was all at 11:30 PM on a weekend night, this was very generous of him! He drove me to my apartment in Calgary’s Northwest where I met my landlord who showed me around my place for the first time, and went over the usual rent forms, etc.

I’m living in the basement of a nice house in a beautiful neighbourhood. You already would’ve seen some interior shots in my last post. To my pleasant surprise, I am conveniently located within walking distance of two major malls in addition to school.

The neighbourhood is very green with trees everywhere. In fact, the trees are rather low on the sidewalk so I brush against them when walking. Some houses in this “rich” neighbourhood are very similar to the types you’d see in Saint John in “normal” wealth areas, but the landscaping and greenery here adds extra distinction.

This is part of the Interactions Lab at school where I am situated. On a quick glance, this may look more like a lounge area rather than a place of academia. However, there is lots of technology here that is use for robotics and various forms of human computer interaction. To the left, you see part of a large touch-screen table, a tablet PC, as well as cameras to the right.

Here is another part of the lab where us students are actually seated (actually I’m in another corner, not the one pictured here). In the bottom left, you see a large touch panel which is linked with the chairs to do certain things only when two people are seated in them.

With the first week behind me, I’ve already met many new people, and seen a little bit of Calgary. I am continuing to buy new things gradually for my apartment. Orientation at school was yesterday. I think my “classes” and actual school work start to begin next week. I say classes in quotations because the two classes I will be doing are with faculty also located in the lab, and the class sizes will be extremely small.

I hope to keep updating my blog and take more pictures. I haven’t taken that many unfortunately since I’ve been so busy. I hope that you will keep in touch and don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this blog!

3 thoughts on “First week in Calgary”

  1. Hey Paul,

    The neighborhood and school look great… can’t wait to read of your on-going adventures. I’ve set aside some airmiles for a trip up there sometime.


  2. Silly Paul, of course we will keep in touch. You can’t get rid of me that easy; even if you did move to the other side of Canada!

    The neighbourhood that you are living in looks really nice too!

  3. Hey Paul Good luck there in Calgary, looks like a pretty sweet spot. Last time I talked to you I don’t think you were sure you were going. I figured you would though cause you are a lover of school and all things school related.

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