Trip to San Diego – Downtown

Arriving on Wednesday, I am currently in San Diego. I have been flown here by school to attend the CSCW 2008 conference.

This is San Diego in winter. Just kidding. This is spot near my street on the morning of my trip to San Diego. The first snowfall of the year sits fresh on the ground.

Snow also covers the drained lake near my house. Looks like I’m escaping to San Diego at the right time! Okay, enough snowy pictures of Calgary…

This is downtown San Diego the day after I arrived. Tall buildings and palm trees are everywhere. It was very hot, almost too hot for me since I’m not used to the heat.

This is Horton Plaza, one of San Diego’s popular outdoor malls. The warm climate allows many malls like this to exist where there is nothing enclosing the mall itself, though individual stores do have traditional doors and enclosures. The mall is actually a bit confusing to navigate, compared to Market Mall in Calgary or McAllister Place in Saint John.

This is a view of downtown from Horton Plaza. Trees are everywhere.

This is a view from San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, the main area for restaurants and clothing stores. Gaslamps are still used, though more modern street lights actually light the area.

The NBC San Diego building is off in the distance between several palm trees and hotels.

Since the airport is not far at all from the downtown, planes are often seen flying very low. I took this shot standing in Balboa Park. I was a bit surprised to see planes so low in a large American city after 9/11.

Despite the election being over, materials supporting Barack Obama are still everywhere. I even saw an image similar to this one on someone’s T-shirt.

That’s all for now. I’ll post more photos from other locations besides the downtown shortly.

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