Trip to San Diego – Mission Bay

Mission Bay is where I spent the majority of my time in San Diego. The hotel where I was staying, Paradise Point, is located across the bay from the Hilton, where the conference was taking place.

Paradise Point had a nice location, but it’s lack of any extras makes it hard for me to recommend to anyone. Outgoing toll-free calls and internet usage all require fees on top of the already expensive room rate.

The name isn’t a huge misnomer though. The place does feel like paradise, at least it might if I actually would’ve had lots of time during the days to use the facilities.

I don’t really have any decent pictures of the Hilton grounds, though I did decide to get a bit creative with my camera in my spare time between sessions. This image is a close-up of an orange tree.

Mission Bay at night is quite beautiful when using a long shutter speed. The line of light in the sky is a plane.

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