San Francisco – Lombard Street

After going to Alcatraz (which I’ll talk about in another post), I walked from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Lombard Street area. It turns out that this is actually a long street and several large mountains (slight exageration) separate it from the waterfront area where I started.


It looks so relaxing out there on the bay. I took this from the top of one of the hills using my camera’s 12X optical zoom. That really comes in handy for zooming in on distant areas that virtually no one else would be able to do so casually.


This is quite a cozy, densely populated neighbourhood.

As I walked, I noticed that cars do park on the steep hills, but signs tell them to park at a 90 degree angle. Eventually, I reached the crooked part of Lombard Street.


There it is! Cars were constantly driving down this one way street.


You know you’re in trouble when you need to use a whole hand to count the night of curves.


At the top was a stop for the cable car. I rode it back to the area near my hostel. It costs $5 USD one way, so it’s a bit expensive, but it’s definitely interesting. You can see why they aren’t in use anymore because it’s hard to hold on when taking sharp turns and it’s loud inside. The history is interesting though. The cable cars were created in the 19th century because they discovered the hills were too steep for horses to climb.

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