Japan – Kobe City (3 of 10)

In addition to the island, I also took many photos of the Kobe mainland.


At night, the main streets are brightly lit with advertisements and decorations.


In this photo, I walking towards the North part of Kobe, towards the mountain. This area is known for its modern Western style buildings. As you can see, the weather isn’t too good. It started raining shortly after I took this.


That’s a real tight fit!


Sannomiya Station. This area is one of the busiest areas of Kobe with lots of different train stations located near each other. The JR lines runs through the middle (left to right) and connects Kobe with the rest of Japan. The inner-city Portliner line is to the right of this photo. A “police box” (station) is located in the middle-right.


Travelling West in Kobe next to the JR line. Unfortunately for Japanese culture, McDonald’s restaurants are everywhere, and very well identified with signage. Many are even 24 hour locations. Also take note in the lower left corner, there’s a very funny looking car… or truck..


A close-up view from a pedestrian bridge, which are very common in Japan’s city areas. Road markings are painted directly on the road, including a marking that informs you that making a U-turn is definitely not allowed.


Finally for today, Kobe also has a bustling Chinatown. I walked through, though never managed to buy anything in the area. The architecture is unique and quite interesting.


Looks real good, right? Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this green tea float so much.


My hotel room was the smallest I’ve ever seen. There’s not much more to it than what you see here except a small desk to the right, a small bathroom to the left, and a rather long hallway behind me to the door. This particular hotel also offered a small fridge, and a water jug that was refreshed daily.

That’s all of my Kobe photos. Check my gallery for the rest of the photos I took.

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