Japan – Japanese Pub and Osaka University (9 of 10)

Upon arriving at the place where I was staying in Osaka near the University, Dr. Kitamura who was hosting me suggested we go out to a traditional Japanese pub for dinner. Driving with him to the pub was my first time on the left side of the road in a car! (I’ve been on the left in buses before in the UK, though)


This is the table where we sat inside. It was quite uncomfortable for me sitting on the floor since it is not a position I am used to!


This is one of the many Japanese dishes that Dr. Kitamura ordered for us. I don’t eat seafood though, so I had to pass on some of them.


This eggplant pizza actually tasted quite good.


If I remember correctly, this is a bottle of Sake. This bottle belongs specifically to Dr. Kitamura and is stored at a special spot in the pub.

My main academic reason for going to Osaka was to present at Osaka University in the lab where my supervisor, Dr. Ehud Sharlin, has worked previously.


This is me presenting as students from the lab watch. Thanks to Dr. Yoshifumi Kitamura for this photo!

It was here at the university where I became familiar with a few more Japanese customs. For example, before entering the lab area, everyone removes their shoes and puts on slippers. There are big cabinets to house everyone’s shoes, including some pairs for guests.

After this, I have one more post for Japan. Stay tuned.

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