Sunday Evening in Calgary

After a string of horribly cold and rainy days here in Calgary, I finally had the chance to take my bike out again in sunny weather.


Yet another shot from Prince’s Island Park.


This street light falls just short of being higher than the tall buildings of downtown Calgary (at least it would appear with my camera angle).


Olympic Plaza was the venue for the medal ceremonies of the Calgary Olympics. I was tempted to bike through the shallow water, but that would probably end badly with me getting soaked.


Around City Hall are several expensive statues and structures. However, all I seem to focus on the plant life!


This lion is quite a hard worker. It seems to be holding up the flag poles with only its nose and guarding the doors to the building 24/7! The old City Hall building is in the background, attached to the much larger expanded part.


The “Trees” sculture on Stephen Avenue actually serve the functional purpose of reducing wind gusts between the buildings.


Even the strongest U-Locks are apparently useless on Stephen Avenue downtown. There was nearly a dozen locks perfectly intact on these bike racks.

EDIT: Apparently these locks are actually left by regular commuters to reserve a spot, as Joe tells me in the comments.


A dramatic sky and construction shot, one of many in downtown.


While driving by a construction site on my way home, I noticed this sign. Security on-site? So who’s on duty? Let me give you a closer look.


The tough and mean Canada Geese guard this future something with all their power! Good choice though. These birds are capable of bringing down planes!

It was a nice night tonight. Not much traffic, which makes for a safer ride on city streets.

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  1. The Ulocks are left there by regular commuters so they don’t have to carry them back and forth each day and I guess maybe they act as placeholders too.

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