Banff iCORE Summit

From August 20th to 22nd, I attended the iCORE Summit in Banff as one of the students to represent the Interactions Lab. The lab is partially supported by iCORE, and a summit is held yearly to discuss various topics. This year’s theme was security, which proved to be interesting. Accommodations were provided at the Banff Centre, which was an arts centre that has begun to host events for scientific venues as well.

For me, this was also an opportunity to experience Banff in summer time, and take photos!


Banff’s main street is instantly recognizable to all who have been to the town before. Not visible in this picture are Banff’s city buses. There is actually 3 bus routes running regularly!


One morning, there was heavy fog and cloud cover. It began to break apart slowly revealing only sections of a mountain in the distance.


Getting around the Banff Centre was difficult due to the construction of a new building in the centre. The construction workers have the benefit of having the best view of the whole centre, though.


The Bow River offers many beautiful vistas with mountains in the background.


This is the same spot on the river looking towards the town, and its bridge.


Usually, streets are assumed to be two-way unless otherwise stated, but Banff decides to indicate this using two… one-way signs. Cars travelled in both directions on this street.


The iconic Banff Springs Hotel.


Provincial flags at the Banff Centre seem to create a mountain slope of their own.


In this shot, the infamous Hoodoos are visible, which are the rock formations in the middle left part of the photo.

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