Ride the Road Tour

A few weeks ago, I participated in the Ride the Road Tour. Basically this was a bike tour of downtown Calgary organized to raise awareness for the need of bike trails, bike lanes, and other infrastructure for bicycles in the City of Calgary.


In this photo taken by Kristin Marquardt, you can see all the bikers including me as the tour begins. This event was not a race, but rather a relaxed15km bike tour of the city.


It was a bit difficult to take these photos, which I did while operating my moving bike with my other hand. In this shot, we’re crossing the Elbow River (I think) as we head further south.


We’re returning to the downtown core in this shot. The streets were blocked off for the bikers, although not for a long time, only long enough on a temporary basis for all the bikers to make it through. Police on motorcycles basically escorted us through.

Overall, it was a fun event. Hopefully events like this will lead to better bike pathways through the city. It’s not too bad right now if you plan, but it only takes a few rogue car drivers to make it dangerous.

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