Japan – Osaka (2 of 3)

After being in the Tokyo area, I took the famous Bullet Train to Osaka.

This view from my hotel window shows the characteristics of this particular neighbourhood as well as the city as a whole. In this shot, you can see the highway running over a river with roads snaking around all over the place.

This is some public artwork near the top of the Business Innovation Center, where the conference took place.

Lots and lots of bikes! It is actually somewhat dangerous to walk on sidewalks as people riding bicycles zoom past and around you. I witnessed a person on a bicycle running into a person who was walking. No one was hurt, as the bike wasn’t going fast.

I visited a temple on the way to the shopping district.

A night shot of a large department store which isn’t far from other shopping districts and a major train station. This department store occupies pretty much all of the large building, which isn’t something we see too much of in Calgary.

A night shot of a famous display of ads, including the walking man. Although you can’t see in this still, many of these ads are animated in some way.

More photos from Osaka are in my Gallery.

One thought on “Japan – Osaka (2 of 3)”

  1. You’re in Japan again Paul? Oh how I envy you, I still havent been there once! Starting to save for my big trip now.

    Your pictures are awesome. 🙂

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