San Francisco, Spring 2010

On the way back from my visit to Japan, I had an 8 hour layover in San Francisco. Despite being tired, I decided to use this time to re-explore the Union Square area where I stayed before. Knowing the neighbourhood quite well already, this gave me a chance to explore some of the finer details here.

Perhaps this isn’t so special or unique, but there’s something nice and charming about the architecture here.

Just in case you thought the first picture may have been taken in Saint John, the palm trees here remind you that this is in fact a much warmer climate.

Retailers of designer fashion are everywhere in this neighbourhood. Artists show off their work in Union Square.

Although everyone is familiar with the cable cars iconic to San Francisco that are retained mostly for tourists, the city also still uses older electric buses on many routes.

San Francisco is a city known for its hills. It’s not hard to find many views with bridges, tall buoldings and other landmarks all merging together to create a unique viewpoint.

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