Another fast food franchisee closes, due to bad economy?

One thing I noticed about my area of Calgary when I first moved in was how many retail establishments were located nearby. One pizza chain, alone, has 21 locations in Calgary! Alhough I don’t do pizza much myself, the breadth and choice of food places was baffling.

In this time, I’ve also seen many changes with stores closing out, and in some cases, still remaining unoccupied. The latest casuality is the KFC I used to go to near Brentwood Station. Previously, a Dairy Queen in a nearby mall closed. This is a bit stupid since near me, there is McDonald’s, A&W and Subway locations both inside the mall as well as just outside the mall.

This KFC building may have another use later on, but the older iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken signage used here is just trash now.

Exactly why am I taking pictures of this? Because I bought a new camera of course. Yaay.

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