First look at Calgary in 2012

Winter wasn’t too bad this year, but I’m sure glad it’s gone. In this post, I share a few photos from my first few bike rides and outings this year.

Many bike paths in Calgary are actually plowed in the winter. But some pathways are still covered in ice, so I wait until spring when every pathway is safe enough for my hybrid bike.

A stream of water breaks up the ice in the Glenmore Reservoir.

Heading downtown one day, I found a broken window that provides a unique, albeit temporary, focal point in the Hudson’s Bay Building.

This corner lot is a beautiful piece of architecture in Calgary’s downtown that has stood the test of time in a city where many buildings of this height have been levelled to provide space for larger high rises. In fact, this building is easily recognizable in this tourism video from the 1960’s.

Cranes and trains dominate Calgary’s downtown. The train line itself divides the main part of downtown from the southern area which will inevitable be as dense as downtown someday. In the distant right, you can see the Nuera building. This is the first tower of twin condos. My future home, Alura, will be the second tower.

That’s all for now.

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