Shekou and the Bay of Shenzhen, China (1 of 7)

I recently travelled to Shenzhen on the south coast of China for a 3 week business trip. This is my third visit to Asia, and my first to China.

Shenzhen is now one of the most built up cities in the world, and currently has a population of 8 million. Before 1979, Shenzhen was merely a small village of 30,000 people, so nearly everything that exists in Shenzhen has been constructed in less than 4 decades. The city’s rapid growth was made possible by foreign investments following the establishment of the Shenzhen Economic Zone in 1979.

My visit to Shenzhen coincided with the region’s very hot and very humid summer weather, making it quite uncomfortable to be outside nearly all the time. After my business trip was done, I took an extra week to explore the territory of Hong Kong which is just across the border from Shenzhen.

My first set of photos explores the beautiful Shekou district where my hotel and work were situated, the surrounding areas, and areas along the Shenzhen Bay. I’ll have 5 more groups of photos to share from Shenzhen, followed by a few more from Hong Kong.


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