Huaqiangbei Electronics Market (Shenzhen 2 of 7)

Shenzhen is one of the most important centres in the world for electronics manufacturing. There are many factories in the city producing your favourite electronic devices, along with copies of those devices.

The Huaqiangbei district of Shenzhen is home to many electronics markets which span several floors and several buildings. These markets are places for locals to buy their electronics as well as wholesalers and resellers to buy components in bulk. To a North American, these markets are somewhat comparable a flea market, except for electronics.

Competition in these markets is high, and was actually quite intimidating for me. Upon entering or approaching most booths, the staff will seemingly swarm around you, and watch your every move quietly, ready to answer questions, or make a sale. I prefer a bit more distance between me and the sales staff as I try to shop, particularly if I am just browsing for nothing in particular.

2 thoughts on “Huaqiangbei Electronics Market (Shenzhen 2 of 7)”

  1. Did you get a ride on the scooter 🙂 ?

    Also what were the prices like in comparison to NA?

  2. I didn’t ride any scooters sadly. Prices weren’t marked and I didn’t ask most of the time. In general though, unbranded items will be very cheap but name brand genuine products will be similar in price.

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