About Paul

Paul SaulnierI live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Photography is my main passion to pursue in my free time. I am still refining my specific areas of interest, which include but aren’t limited to street and landscape photography. I also try to travel as much as I can, usually making photography a primary vehicle for experiencing the local way of life. That said, I also enjoy the challenge of revisiting familiar areas at home to document them in a new way.

For my day job, I work in the field of information technology with the oil and gas industry in Calgary. I have years of experience studying business needs and participating in all stages of software development.

I was previously a researcher with the University of Calgary in the area of human-computer interaction and robotics, where I graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Science in 2011.

Before moving to Calgary, I grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2008.