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Saulnier, P., Sharlin, E. and Greenberg, S. (2010) Exploring Interruption in HRI using Wizard of Oz. In DVD Proc. 5th ACM/IEEE Int’l Conf on Human-Robot Interaction – HRI’2010. (Osaka, Japan), IEEE/ACM, 2 pages, March 2-5. Late Breaking Report.

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We are interested in exploring how robots controlled using Wizard of Oz (WoO) should interrupt humans in various social settings. While there is considerable work on interruption and interruptibility in HCI, little has been done to explore how these concepts will map robotic interaction. As part of our efforts to investigate interruption and interruptibility in HRI we used WoO-based methodology to investigate robot behaviours in a simple interruption scenario. In this report we contribute a design critique that discusses this methodology, and common concerns that could be generalized to other social HRI experiments as well as reflections on our future interruption HRI research.

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