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Views from the Calgary Tower

I recently had the chance to ascend the Calgary Tower for the third time in my life. When it was constructed in 1967, the Calgary Tower was more than double the height of the tallest building in the city. It remained the tallest structure in Calgary until 1983 when the Petro-Canada Centre was constructed.

Today, many tall buildings surpass the height of the Calgary Tower, to the extent where it’s not even visible anymore in some views of the city skyline. While the Calgary Tower is no longer the tallest structure in the city, it still offers some of the best views. Continue reading

Corona No. 3

My late Uncle Walter was an avid collector of antiques, which my family has now inherited. He had many different kinds of antiques, including tools, furniture, collectables, toys, and household items in a storage locker.

While looking through the locker, one item that immediately grabbed my attention was this Corona #3 typewriter. Its characteristic appearance and fairly small size appealed to me since I have a small place and not much space for large items. I figured it would be a great remembrance to Walter. Continue reading

Nanton, Alberta

Back in September, I travelled to Nanton which is about an hour outside Calgary. This is a small, friendly town known for a wide selection of antiques, an air space museum, and other knick knacks.

The antiques made me think of my uncle Walter, since he always collected them and took me to antique stores whenever he visited. I texted him telling him where I was, and he replied saying he looked forward to my next visit to his house in North Carolina. Little did I know, this is the last thing he would ever say to me. He passed away 4 days later.

Enjoy these photos of Nanton which I believe demonstrate the quintessential beauty of rural Alberta. Continue reading