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Zellers is coming back!

Hudson’s Bay recently announced that Zellers is coming back in the form of pop-up stores, and an online store.

You can see my photos of Zellers when it largely closed back in 2012. I also did a photo essay when Target left Canada.

On January 18, 2023, I was interviewed by CBC Radio’s The Homestretch in Calgary to talk about my photos of the Zellers closure, the sign I took, and what I think of the new stores opening.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO world heritage site located east of Calgary. It is known for its badlands topography and dinosaur fossils.

Like the Rocky Mountains and so many other attractions in Alberta, Dinosaur Provincial Park is a great place for natural landscape photography. It would be cool to view this park during various weather conditions, although the length of the drive prevents it from being a spur of the moment decision. Weather conditions, especially the best ones for photography, can change so rapidly.

Drumheller, which is actually a couple hours away, looks similar in places and is also known for dinosaurs.

I’d like to share my favourite photos from the visit. Enjoy!

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Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island, New Brunswick

St. Andrews, New Brunswick was recently recognized by USA Today as the top Canadian destination to visit. I thought it would be a great time to blog about my recent visit to the historic Van Horne Estate on Minister’s Island which is near St. Andrews.

You can only access Minister’s Island by driving across the ocean floor during low tide. As a result, the tourist site’s hours of operations vary daily. You can end up trapped on the island if you fail to return to the mainland before the tide comes in! Continue reading