Ralph Klein Park

Ralph Klein Park is one of Calgary’s newest parks, named in honour of former Premier of Alberta and mayor of Calgary, Ralph Klein who passed away in 2013.  This man-made wetland was built to improve stormwater quality before it enters the Bow River.

Ralph Klein Park is still not very popular as many people don’t really know about it yet, so it was a relaxing place to visit and explore. It also has a few notable things to see. I had been planning to go for quite a while, and recently decided to finally drive out to visit the park.  Continue reading

Van Horne Estate on Ministers Island, New Brunswick

St. Andrews, New Brunswick was recently recognized by USA Today as the top Canadian destination to visit. I thought it would be a great time to blog about my recent visit to the historic Van Horne Estate on Minister’s Island which is near St. Andrews.

You can only access Minister’s Island by driving across the ocean floor during low tide. As a result, the tourist site’s hours of operations vary daily. You can end up trapped on the island if you fail to return to the mainland before the tide comes in! Continue reading

Inglewood Night Walk

Inglewood is Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood, containing the city’s oldest surviving building (Fort Calgary), and is the city’s original downtown centre. Today, it is primarily a shopping and arts district, in addition to being a beautiful place to photograph at night.

In this post, I share a few of my favourite photos taken during a recent weeknight walk through the neighbourhood. Continue reading