An incredible Calgary sunset

On October 9th of last year, Calgary was dazzled with a sunset so incredible that people stepped out of their houses to take pictures. The city is always quite beautiful during the evening hours, but this sunset was very different. Everything around the city seemed to glow.

From my balcony, I was able to capture a stunning photo of the city skyline which I previously shared on social media (including Instagram). The attention it received makes that image one of my most popular ever.

In this post, I would also like to share several other photos taken that day which show the Rocky Mountains in the distance, and other parts of Calgary’s downtown and Beltline neighbourhood skylines. Everything looked incredible in these lighting conditions. Continue reading

Barrier Lake and the Kananaskis River

Barrier Lake is a beautiful and easily accessible man-made lake, created by the damming of the Kannanaskis River. The Rocky Mountains offer many beautiful vistas outside of Calgary, but Barrier Lake is particularly close, and easily accessible at all times of the year.

The river is quite active with kayakers and boaters. I was fortunate to see some of them during one of my visits. Even when the lake is frozen over during winter, the snow and the mountains are still worth seeing. I hope you enjoy a few of my favourite photos from this location. Continue reading

New 3D Printer

Things started well with my very first 3D printer, but as time went on, I realized I was ready to upgrade to something with better reliability and capabilities. After careful research, I bought the Wanhao Duplicator i3. It is in the same price category as my first printer, and takes the same plastic filament, allowing me to reuse some of my existing rolls of filament. To make space for new kinds of filament, I did sell 10 of my 18 rolls of filament on Kijiji. Continue reading