Tian Tan Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery (Hong Kong 1 of 7)

Following my 3 week work trip to Shenzhen, I traveled to Hong Kong. Technically, this territory is officially part of China, but there are still many functional and cultural differences. Unlike Shenzhen, this visit was entirely personal, so I had plenty of time to explore.

One of my first stops was Tian Tan (Altar of Heaven) Big Buddha. It’s a 30 minute metro ride away from Central Hong Kong, and is situated not far from the main airport. Continue reading

Window of the World (Shenzhen 6 of 7)

One of Shenzhen’s most popular tourist destinations is Window of the World which features over 100 reproductions of some of the world’s most popular attractions. The real attractions are of course more substantial, but it is still interesting to see so many of them together as replicas at Window of the World. Many of the attractions are very small, but a few such as the Eiffel Tower are actually large enough to dominant the skyline of the park. Continue reading