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Central Park – New York City (7 of 7)

On my last full day in New York, I went to Central Park.

When she was young, my mother had her picture taken near this Hans Christian Andersen monument. So I did the same!

A beautiful bridge spans part of the lake that I rowed in with my friend Roddy.

Many New Yorkers love to relax here, as tall buildings loom over in the distance.

Trees are everywhere and contrast sharply with the tall buildings that you can find everywhere else in New York City.

Pathways snake all through the park. Sadly, we only had time to see part of the park.

I stand in front of one of the lakes. As evening drew near, it got quite cold, and I was not wearing anything warm.

This concludes my photo highlights from my trip.

Check back soon for a video I compiled from this trip as well that I am still working on.

Fifth Avenue & Architecture – New York City (5 of 7)

As a large city, New York has many stunning examples of beautiful buildings.

One of the flashiest that I was drawn to was barely a building at all. This is the 24 hour Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, the only location worldwide that never closes. It’s just a glass cube! Inside, I bought an iPad.

The New York Stock Exchange covers up its fascade with a huge banner for Mother’s Day.

I’m on Wall Street! Even though it was probably late in the day, the area was surprisingly not very busy.

More high rises of different architecture styles are shown here. One building is seemingly growing out of the tree on the left!

I don’t remember what this building is, but many similar ones exist around the city.

Many high rises are grouped here as well.

This is a huge, tall photo to highlight one building. After my trip, I saw the Sex in the City 2 movie. In one scene, this building can be seen in the background!

Statue of Liberty – New York City (4 of 7)

Of course, no visit to New York City is complete without a visit to the Statue of Liberty!

The harbour and skyline is a beautiful sight that you can enjoy on the way to the statue’s island.

So many buildings, too many to count! At the far left, you can see the edge of Staten Island.

Here, you see me sitting by the waterfront.

Here is a close-up of the buildings on Staten Island. High rises loom in the background.

And finally, there is the statue in all her glory, with NYC in the distance!

Museums – New York City (3 of 7)

While in New York, I saw three museums. Taking photos inside most areas was allowed, though lighting conditions didn’t afford many great opportunities for good photos with my camera. Thus, I combine all three museums into this one post.

The Museum of Natural History had cool looking dinosaur bones.

I enjoyed how these objects appeared in the light. I’m not sure what they even are.

The design and work required to make many works seen here is mind boggling.

Slightly disfigured statue heads are shown here along with a lucky fountain in the center.

Clever looking artwork. No idea what it means!

This piece was part of an interesting exhibition where the artists themselves are part of the exhibit, “The Artist is Present”. The premise of this one is simple. Museum visitors who wait long enough can volunteer to sit in the chair across from the artist quietly for as long as they wish. That’s all, as far as I understand it. Some people sit for hours before giving up, or bursting into tears, as can be seen in official photos online.

Rockefeller Center & Grand Central Station – New York City (2 of 7)

While in New York, I saw many of the tourist sites. I started with Grand Central Station.

If you’ve never been inside, you probably have seen this interior on TV shows. Grand Central Station is always very busy, and it retains a lot of it’s architectural character. In a later post, I will talk about more New York architecture.

One of the great attractions of New York is the city itself. I saw the whole city during the daytime from the top of Rockefelle Center. Shown here is the entrance here.

So many buildings!

Construction is always underway. If you look closely, you can see the Statue of Liberty!

The Empire State Building rises above numerous other high rises.

I’d love to have my office here.

Here, you can see beautiful Central Park surrounded by the buildings of Manhattan.

Times Square & Broadway – New York City (1 of 7)

In May, I took my first trip to New York City with friends from Calgary.

Times Square is very busy and bright, though not overwhelming. With dozens of police officers around at all times, it also feels extremely safe.

As you can imagine, taxis are everywhere in New York. So are electronics stores that are open very late.

Another busy street near Times Square. This area is very flashy, though the excitement ends once you go underground. The subway stations were actually quite dirty, old, and hard to understand at first.

Outside the Metropolitan Opera. Yes, I actually did see an opera. At $100 a ticket, it was an expensive show to see, and not one I can see myself doing too often in the future.

A much more engaging performance was Wicked! The theatre was very well decorated for the musical and unlike anything I have ever seen before. I previously saw Chicago in London.

That’s all for my first section of New York.