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Video: A Tour of Saint John

While home for a summer visit to Saint John, I did the usual tour of my favourite places. Tired of capturing just pictures, I created a video tour of the city. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do. Sadly, I did not have enough time to include everything that I believe fully represents Saint John, but I hit on many of the areas that are important to me.


Also check out some photos I took in a separate blog post.

Summer 2010 in Saint John

While home in Saint John for a summer visit, I took photos around town as I usually do. I also created a video which I have entered in a separate blog post.

Here are some of my favourites:

I have probably taken this shot before in Rockwood Park, but I don’t care. It always looks beautiful.

From a fairly remote area of the park, I took this photo overlooking Lily Lake with a view of Uptown.

The St. John River as seen from UNBSJ is always a beautiful site.

The clock donated by Irving is a wonderful addition to the foot of King Street. The architecture of Brunswick House behind makes it even better. It was made by the Electric Time Company.

Uptown during a work day is generally a quiet place when there are no tourists. These guys are always outside, though!

This view of Saint John Harbour reminds us that this is a working port, even though the major tourist attractions are not far away.

Check out my Saint John tour video in my other blog post.

Summer 2009 in Saint John

This month, I returned to Saint John for a visit. Of course, I tried to time this to occur in July when the Port City usually has less than horrible weather. I was in luck on a few sunny days and went out with my camera.


There are some very nice, well kept homes in Millidgeville. I was drawn to the colour of this house. Hopefully no one saw me, wondering why I’m randomly taking a picture of this house.


From this shot in the North End, Saint John looks quite dense! However, what you don’t see here is the large open area of mostly-empty highway lanes and roads in between the buildings in the foreground and the uptown high rises in the distance.


Uptown Saint John!


The view from Harbour Passage is somehow one of the most scenic you can find anywhere on the ground in the city, even though there isn’t anything entirely unusual in this area.


Measure twice, cut once! Work is progressing on the Market Square expansion to add new office space. From where this guy is standing, it’s a long way down if something goes wrong!


Someone’s porch has a nice, decorative clock on the patio of their uptown condo. I can’t imagine actually wanting to sit here though simply because people like me are always walking or driving by.


On the first sunny day in a while, Saint John Harbour is entirely void of any cruise ships. Oops. I liked the lines visible in this photo. This same picture should (hopefully) look entirely different in 10 years because the coast goard site at the left will hopefully be redeveloped. Many the city will find a way to actually use the new cruise ship terminal properly and get rid of that tacky white tent too. While we’re at, they could condemn the Canada “Customs Building” (which actually has no customs offices inside anymore) for unsightly premises. It is ugly!


Barbour’s General Store is looking nice at its new location across from city hall. This building has moved many times in its history. It must have a solid structure! The Brunswick House office tower is visible in the window reflections.


A horse chows down at Rockwood Park. It seemingly has no problem living off the system.


A lifeguard seat is empty at Fisher Lakes. Actually, there was lots of people at this beach behind me. This was the last photo I took in Saint John while home, just a couple hours before I hopped on my plane to go back to Calgary.

Rockwood Park in April

Since today was a nice day, I decided to take a stroll into Rockwood Park.

Even without the colour of leaves on the trees, this shot still looks good.

The pathway leading to Fisher Lakes doesn’t look overly inviting right now. Compare this same path to one of my pictures from last year going in the opposite direction.

Totally different place seemingly, eh? I just love this picture. I can’t wait for summer when everything looks like this once again.

The sign warns of thin ice. VERY thin ice.

Snow is gone. Time for nature to wake up.

Fall in Saint John

I regret that I haven’t updated in a while. (EDIT: I decided not to add more financial analysis for now. Keep checking back, as I will keep blogging as I have time.) Here’s a bunch of photos taken in the past couple months around Saint John. Enjoy!

Rockwood Park Golf Course overlooks Half Moon Lake with trees nearing the end of the their colour change.

Shadows of trees are visible on UNBSJ’s Oland Hall.

Trees line both sides and the middle of King Street East. It’s amazing how much a little bit of greenery can add to a neighbourhood.

King’s Square


A squirrel crawls along the side of Hazen Hall at UNBSJ. This has to be one of my favourite photos right now.

Summer in Saint John

It’s taken me a while to start pictures around Saint John again. This area just does not compare in scope as much as Europe does obvious


Sailboats out on the water outside the RKYC in Millidgeville. I like this shot because there is a bit of symmetry, and the water and misty air make it look refreshing in a way.


A sunny afternoon in Rockwood Park. Shots like this are one of my favourites, as it includes colourful scenery, water, and clouds in a blue sky.


Zooming in on King Street.


Ugly structures at the site of old sugar refinery. This is the first thing that cruise ship passengers see when entering Saint John pretty much. These look new to me, and I’m not sure what they’re for, since I haven’t kept up on the status of this site. Anyone know what these are for?


The pathway near Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park.


Another view of the pathway, similar to shots I have taken before. A little bit of haze is visible in the background, but it does not cloud the foreground view.

That’s all for now. It’s not as easy to get good shots around Saint John as it was in Europe, as I had the ability to take many shots at once of different places in Europe.

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