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Flooding of the St. John River in Millidgeville

Today was my first chance to see some of the flooding of the St. John River with my camera at hand. I saw some of the flooding before it got real bad on my way home from Fredericton last Friday. The road my bus was travelling on is probably closed off entirely now.

A corner of Kennebecasis Drive is down to one lane. Even before the flooding, this part was in desperate condition with concrete blocks marking where the road had deteriorated. If the water rises maybe another 6 inches, this whole part of the road will be under water.

Access to the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club (not visible, left) is closed off due to the rising water.

Water completely surrounds the Yacht Club. Talk about true water access!

Any higher and these boats will start to launch themselves! The water usually rises quite high around the yacht club each year, but nothing like this!

In a developing country somewhere that only dreams of clean water, someone is looking at photos like this from our news reports, and cursing us for being lucky enough to have this “crisis”.

Stay tuned to my blog for updates from my trip to Alberta!