Maui, Hawaii (2012 Visit)

This year, I had the opportunity to visit Maui. The weather and atmosphere were as beautiful and relaxing as I had imagined Hawaii would be. I became quite attached to the ocean views in restaurants along the shore and watching the colourful sunsets.

The pineapple (aka Maui Gold) is a staple in Hawaii. Maui farms pineapples for export, however the growing cost of production has dramatically reduced the number of farms on the island. Since pineapples are one of the few crops grown there, it is also one of the cheaper produce to buy. When shopping at a Safeway, it was common to see a bag of oranges for more than $10. A local told us she preferred eating out as opposed to making her own food, as it was cheaper.

The Banyan Tree is very significant in Maui as one of their historic sites in Lahaina centers around this tree. Here is a Banyan on a hike through Kipahulu. The tree has thick branches that reach out, perfect for those who enjoy tree climbing.

The climate in Maui varies throughout the island. Iao Park, where the above picture is taken, is in the mainland mountains is often overcast with drizzling showers (perfect to capture great photos).

The ocean is never far away in Maui. Few places on Earth are as far from other land as Maui is. The Hawaiian islands are almost halfway between Japan and San Francisco. Being far away from large cities in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I was able to vividly see distant stars on a stargazing cruise.

Unfortunately, when I visited Maui in April, it was near the end of the whale watching season. There weren’t that many whales left, but I did manage to capture a few pictures of the gentle giants.

The best I can discern from internet searches is that this a fiddlehead fern.

A visit to Hawaii isn’t complete without attending a luau. This party was accompanied with traditional dance and music, and an all you can eat Hawaiian buffet as the sun set. In this shot, you can see the beautiful mountains of Maui in the background as the lights set center stage.

They say that no two sunsets in Maui are ever the same. This was my view over a relaxing dinner.

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