Nice, South France

As part of my trip to France, I once again ventured to the southern coast of France to the city of Nice.

Although Nice is now part of France, not Italy as it once was, it still retains many characteristics of Italian culture and architecture.

From Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill), you can see all of Nice.

At the top of Castle Hill, there are beautiful walkways you can explore as well as ruins from an old cathedral.

The Old Town part of Nice is a maze of narrow streets.

A tramway takes you from one end of the city to the waterfront. The figures on top of the street lamps are designed by Jaume Plensa, the same artist who designed the Wonderland sculpture in Calgary.

Now that I live in landlocked Alberta, I don’t take an ocean waterfront for granted anymore. The ocean views are still my favourite part about Nice. The beach doesn’t actually contain much sand. It’s all rocks!

Look out!

The colourful buildings give the city its Italian character.

Many restaurants are located through the narrow, dimly lit streets of Nice. Even small grocery stores can be found open late.

It was great to be a tourist in Nice once again. Stay tuned for my next two posts of Paris, the main destination of my trip to France in 2013.


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