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The adventure ends in Paris, France

At the end of my 5 month excursion to Europe, I was pretty much the only international student who had yet to see Paris. I left Poitiers on May 29th en route to Paris where I would stay until flying back to Canada on June 1st. This left me with 2 and a half days to see everything in Paris.

One of my first stops was Sacré Coeur, a church perched at the highest point in Paris.


From this view, it reminds me of the Royal Palace from Disney’s Aladdin. All of Paris could be seen from this high point, but the view does not interest me a whole lot because everything looks very small and hazey skies prevent getting decent pictures of anything that is far away.


The Louvre, with one of the small glass pyramids to the middle-left. I saw this on my walking tour with New Europe Tours, which is a company which offers free walking tours in various European cities. All they ask for is a tip in the end. It was a very good way to see many things and hear interesting facts.


The famous Notre-Dame Cathedral. They were fairly easy-going with regards to tourists who were allowed to enter, roam the church, take pictures, and leave again at will even while a service was in progress.


The road leading up to the Arc de Triomphe. This is somewhat of an optical illusion because the monument itself is huge, and very far away with a long stretch of luxury shops hidden from view.


One of the luxury giants on the road towards Arc de Triomphe.


A Parisian neighbourhood, not far from Notre-Dame.

Me, with the Eiffel Tower behind me.


A view of the Eiffel Tower at night from Montparnasse Tower, a huge skyscraper in the middle of Paris. Many Parisians dislike the appearance of this building, and the city passed laws after it was built to prohibit any more skyscrapers from being built in Central Paris again. The view from the top of Montparnasse is said to be the best of Paris because it is the only one in which you cannot see Montparnasse Tower.

I saw everything I wanted to see. On my last day, I woke up at the fresh hour of 5:30 AM, hitting the streets towards the airport at 6 AM. I took a metro to a stop from where I caught a bus directly to my airport terminal. From there, my Air Canada check in desk was just inside, with security next to that. I didn’t have to wander around at all.

The trip back to Canada was uneventful thankfully, except for a small broken bottle of maple syrup on the way back to Saint John. Landing home again felt different than any of the other cities where I landed for some reason, even Poitiers which is smaller than Saint John.

My next post will be the last in my Europe 2007 series, as I take one last look at Poitiers. Have a good weekend!

Disneyland Paris

On Saturday, I went to Disneyland Paris. This was a last minute decision, because I was originally planning to go to Bordeaux until the trip was canceled. The thrill rides in the park were good, and the wait times were not bad for the most part thanks to the Fast Pass system used in the park.

It was raining a bit and cloudy most of the day, so I don’t have many good pictures. It was a very nice park though with lots to see. You would probably need two or three days to actually see and do everything.


Indiana Jones roller coaster.


Star Tours. This was a spaceship simulation with a huge movie screen and chairs that move.


Pirates of the Caribbean. This was a fairly easy ride (not shown in picture), as there wasn’t even straps to hold you in. No one would jump out of their seat though, since there is only water around.


Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion in North America). This was actually a ride, and it’s not really in the house itself. When entering, an elevator takes you downstairs to a conveyor belt with seats on it to show you various things relating to the movie.


Mickey, of course.

More pictures in my gallery. I wish I had more indoor shots, but they just didn’t turn out as the flash wouldn’t do much, and the lighting is of course bad in dimly lit rides.

Next time, I will talk about my visit to Futuroscope with interesting surroundings and architecture as well, although no real extreme rides.