Revisiting Lake Agnes: “No Bears, Just Some Greyhounds”

I hiked up to Lake Agnes just a month ago, and decided to return to experience it again, this time with fall colours. While hiking up, I suddenly heard someone say “That guy is from Saint John”. I was confused initially, thinking I was wearing some piece of clothing that revealed my hometown.

Instead, I looked over and saw my high school french teacher Ms. Kristoffersen!


Quelle surprise! She was hiking with her cousin who she was visiting. It was surprising for both of us to bump into someone from home while hiking on a mountain in the Rockies! She is doing well, said I was lucky to live near this place, and how there were no bears on the trail, just some “greyhounds” (our high school mascot is a greyhound).

I’ve lived in Alberta for 8 years now, but this is the first year where I actually noticed an absence of red colour in fall, which is more common back in New Brunswick (and Eastern Canada) due to maple trees. The window to view fall colours in Alberta is also so short, at less than 3 weeks, so I didn’t always get a chance every year to get out to enjoy the colours.

While this Lake Agnes hike is definitely beautiful at any time of year, some areas were even more spectacular with extra yellows and oranges from the Larch trees changing colour. Below are a few photos from my second hike.

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