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Steve Jobs

With some spare time before running an errand two days ago, I sat outside an Apple Store. I pulled out my iPad, and connected to Apple’s free wireless internet. Unbeknownst to myself beforehand, this is how I would ironically learn about the death of an icon. Despite not knowing Steve personally, I knew he was a superpower of sorts, a man who had accomplished so much in recent years, and touched so many lives. To this day, his company’s competition is still struggling to create products that resonate with people on an emotional level in an industry that was once relegated only to the most extreme of enthusiasts.

A news reporter caught up with me as I was watching video tributes to Steve. You can see me in the video clip below.

Below are a few videos that I would like to share for their inspiration.

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… are the ones that do.”

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder, tearfully remembers Steve Jobs.

Goodbye Steve.

Video: A Tour of Saint John

While home for a summer visit to Saint John, I did the usual tour of my favourite places. Tired of capturing just pictures, I created a video tour of the city. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do. Sadly, I did not have enough time to include everything that I believe fully represents Saint John, but I hit on many of the areas that are important to me.


Also check out some photos I took in a separate blog post.

Japan – Goodbye for now! + Video (10 of 10)

After 2 weeks, it was time to go home from Japan.


During my visit, the H1N1 virus was an issue being addressed. Upon landing, an extra hour was added to our time on the tarmac while Japanese health officials took everyone’s temperature on the plane. This experience was a bit unusual to me. We were told not to take pictures. Don’t worry, I didn’t and no one else did either.


My last meal and one of my favourite in Japan was beef curry rice at the airport. This is a popular dish and one that is easy for Canadians to eat with the familiar fork instead of chop sticks.


The airport in Osaka is actually on an artificial island connected with the mainland by a very long bridge. I suspect this is cheaper than expanding to develop on the mountains in the distance. Shortly after taking this photo, the plane lifted off and I began my long trip back to Calgary.


And now for something a little different from my usual blogging. I have compiled a video with clips from random sights around Japan as well as the ICRA2009 conference. Enjoy!

This concludes my blog postings for Japan, 2009.