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Flooding in Calgary (update #3)

In this post, I share more photos of the Calgary flooding and the damage it has caused. If you haven’t seen them already, check out my first post and second post of flood photos. I’d like to note that I did not risk my safety to take any of these photos, and I would encourage any other photographers to stay far enough from danger.

Note: I’ve assembled all of my Calgary Flood 2013 photos in this gallery. Continue reading

Flooding in Charlotte County, NB

Charlotte County, NB was hit hard by flooding before Christmas. Many people have sadly lost their homes in the St. George area while others have saved their homes but lost fire wood or other things. Cottage owners on Lake Utopia have also been affected, as shown in my pictures.

Our neighbour’s driveway is completely covered, as is their concrete wall out front. Their basement was refinished this past summer, and is almost entirely under water.

Another neighbour across the cove has water going above the living room window sill. The sun deck on the side is floating.

Other neighbours are also flooded. Like the previous, this sun deck is also floating. The contents of this cottage’s basement will likely be trash.

The front yard of my family’s cottage. Our boat house, where we store things for the winter, is half under water. Our biggest worry was that this building was going to fall off of its supports. Thankfully, this did not happen. The water is so high that you would be over your head in water if you stood where we usually sit in frotn of the water. The water line is usually several feet in front of the trees.

Water gushes with great force over the dam in St. George.

Another view of the same dam from the more picturesque side.

A few days later, the water has calmed down a bit, but mist has frozen over all of the trees. Beautiful!