Flooding in Calgary (update #2)

This post is a follow up my first post where I explored primarily the Prince’s Island Park just as flooding was setting in. In this post, I visit a couple less affected areas of the city.

Note: I’ve assembled all of my Calgary Flood 2013 photos in this gallery.

The Weaselhead area of the Glenmore Reservoir is shown here just as flood water was reaching Calgary and then roughly the same area a day later.

Sandy Beach Park was completely submerged. Sadly, the suspension bridge which has been a part of the park for decades has been destroyed. You might recall I photographed it a few months ago.

A condo parkade in Discovery Ridge is fully submerged. Earlier shots that I saw on Twitter of this parkade show a vehicle abandoned at the entrance as water is rushing in. I’m not sure if it was moved.

A couple views the flooded streets of downtown from across the river.

Memorial Drive is usually a busy artery for vehicles, but not today.

At the time of writing of my first blog post about the flooding, cars were still driving on this flooded street.

Renovations of this Chinatown business will likely take a bit longer.

With the sunny weather and receding flood waters, many Calgarians were out seizing the opportunity to catch some unforgettable photos.

A vehicle with a New Brunswick license plate appears stalled. I’m not sure how high the flood waters were on this street.

In a rare reversal of what the text says, water from the river was likely flowing out of this sewer drain.

Several inches of thick silt rests upon city streets. The cleanup is going to take a while.

The raging Bow River consumes the pathway.

Regretfully, the flood has already consumed lives in High River. Comparatively, the rich city of Calgary is very fortunate to have only expensive property damages to worry about. Still, it is difficult to process the damage that I have seen first hand, and I can only hope that things improve very soon.

Check out my next post, Flooding in Calgary (update #3).

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