Flooding in Calgary (update #3)

In this post, I share more photos of the Calgary flooding and the damage it has caused. If you haven’t seen them already, check out my first post and second post of flood photos. I’d like to note that I did not risk my safety to take any of these photos, and I would encourage any other photographers to stay far enough from danger.

Note: I’ve assembled all of my Calgary Flood 2013 photos in this gallery.

City crews are already cleaning up several inches of mud that cover Prince’s Island Park and other areas.

Incredibly, the flood actually pulled the pathway pavement apart and moved it to different areas fully intact.

In other places of the pathway, the pavement and railing are severely warped.

In this context, the reference to stormwater seems like a gross understatement.

The water has gone down a lot, but is still nearly touching the building.

This sign is referring to the pathway going under the bridge in the distance. Amazingly, city workers (or someone) changed the sign to indicate the underpass closure ahead of the intense flooding. Small details matter in Calgary! It’s too bad the underpass seems to be gone for now.

A small television screen rests on the river bank. It’s interesting to see many items smashed about, and then a precise electronic gadget still physically intact.

Erlton was also hard hit. Many items in the basements were destroyed and are now sitting in the alleyways or streets waiting for garbage collection.

Macleod Trail, which is the main thoroughfare next to the Stampede Grounds, was severely damaged with two of its lanes eroded. Crews are already in the area shown here to begin fixing the road.

These hoses are pumping out the water inside the already built parkade of my condo due for completion next year.

Flood water is also being pumped out of the BMO Centre and many other buildings downtown.

The CTrain tunnel was fully submerged, but is being pumped out.

According to the newspaper, 70 new sinkholes have developed on city streets.

City crews collect garbage from the streets of Mission.

Somehow, two parked cars get tangled up with a dumpster.

Construction might be delayed for these new condos on the river. I wonder if the trailer is secure in its position, or if it’s simply floating in all of the water.

4th Street in Mission is usually busy until late in the night with lots of activity, but not right now. All the streets lights are out and dust on the road from dried mud clouds the air. Even at 10:30 PM, all crews were still in the area cleaning up with no sign of slowing down.

The river is still high, but is receding. The worst is over, and the cleanup is well underway. The city of Calgary has really come together as a whole to show its true spirit perseverance and determination to make things right again.


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