Flooding in Calgary (update #1)

As you may have read in the news, Calgary and southern Alberta are being hit with the worst flooding in years.

Note: I’ve assembled all of my Calgary Flood 2013 photos in this gallery.

The river running through the Weaselhead area has swelled.

In downtown and other communities, the rising river water threatens many buildings, and busy roadways such as Memorial Drive shown here on the right, closed off, but not yet fully flooded.

The pathways running below the Centre Street Bridge are completely submerged. The lower bridge has less than a metre of clearance below it.

Cyclists were still allowed on Prince’s Island earlier in the evening.

The geese didn’t seem to mind the larger wet environment.

As flood waters rose, the island became largely inaccessible, and police started asking people to leave.

City workers collaborate with sand bags and evacuation plans.

Water is flowing from one side of Prince’s Island to the other over land.

The Peace Bridge seems sound for now, but the pathways leading to it were submerged.

I regret to see videos and media coverage of homes being destroyed in other communities, especially outside Calgary. There will be a huge mess to clean up once the waters recede!

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