Dongmen Pedestrian Street (Shenzhen 4 of 7)

The Dongmen Pedestrian Street is known as Shenzhen’s original shopping mall. It’s a very busy maze of streets with hundreds of shopping options for those seeking clothing, street food, and electronics, although there is also a handicraft market, a street of vendors all selling neon signs, and more. The area is one of the oldest parts of Shenzhen, first being established 300 years ago, although I imagine the bulk of its growth has occurred since the 1970’s.

I visited this area a couple of times, although mostly at night, since it was an hour away from my hotel by train.

2 thoughts on “Dongmen Pedestrian Street (Shenzhen 4 of 7)”

  1. Somehow I always assumed things would be more crowded than your photos show; or did everyone run when they saw the white dude with the big camera and telephoto lens?

  2. China’s urban areas can be very crowded, but I seem to catch the streets at times when they aren’t so crowded. Some of my photos that did show more people didn’t turn out for other reasons.

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