Late Night Shopping in Shenzhen, China (3 of 7)

As I began to uncover in my last post with the electronics markets, the retail scene and shopping experience is perhaps one of China’s most remarkable differences when compared with North America. Large multinational store brands such as Walmart have begun to operate in recent years, but a lot of shopping is still done in “markets” and small mom-and-pop shops that are clustered by the dozens all over the city. This is true even for Shenzhen which is such a new city.

In this post, I document some of the late night shopping options of Shenzhen available after 9 PM, after which many mainstream stores in Canada are closed. More than half of my Shenzhen photos were taken at night, since I was at work during the day and only really had a couple weekends in which to capture daytime photos (such as the Shenzhen Bay photos in my first post).

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